WCH Authorization Signifies
Achievement Across a Range of Categories

A growing body of data supports the conclusion that WCH Authorization yields multiple, measurable benefits. This body of data is growing as more hospitals achieve WCH Authorization status and hospitals continue to examine the impact. Here are some of the most significant findings to date.

Benefits of WCH Authorization | Warrior Centric Health Knowledge Gains

The WCH Authorization is effective in increasing provider and patient care staff knowledge of why and how personal and military culture effects patients’ perceptions of health and health decision making. Pre- and post-test comparisons found statistically significant gains – many in the range of 20 to 30 percentage points – in participants’ ability to identify examples of cultural backgrounds and their effects on how service members and veterans perceive and communicate health issues. At the end of the Year 1, nearly 100% of participants correctly identify five factors that impact effective patient-provider communication and five components of cultural competency.

Benefits of WCH Authorization | Warrior Centric Health Changes in Beliefs
Following Year 1, provider and patient care staff agreed with statements indicating that during treatment planning it is important to account for service members’ or veterans’ assignment, service branch, and era of service. And significantly more respondents agreed that, “It is important to discuss cultural issues with warriors/veterans during the treatment process.”
Benefits of WCH Authorization | Warrior Centric Health Improved Provider-Patient Communication

Participants are trained on four communication techniques previously unknown to them. Following Year 1, most participants say they were likely or very likely to use each of the four communication techniques with their patients. Three months later, most participants demonstrate that they are using these techniques daily.

Benefits of WCH Authorization | Warrior Centric Health Cultural Perspective
Following Year 1, most participants say they intend to take various actions to incorporate a cultural perspective and account for patient diversity when planning and conducting treatment; around half said they were very likely to do so. Three months later, participants report that they began making these changes in their practice.

The Benefits Are Financial, Too

All available data point to better economic performance and a higher level of financial return for Authorized WCH Facilities. There are several ways Authorized WCH Facilities save money and boost their bottom lines each year. Publicity associated with WCH designation helps improve a hospital’s marketing position and return on investment.

A WCH Authorization lends cachet to a healthcare organization. This raises awareness in the community and opens the door to increased philanthropic gifts.

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