Ron Steptoe, CEO of Warrior Centric Health, with his fellow United States Military Academy classmate and wife, Lisa Steptoe, were honored to be asked to speak with Do More Together (dmT), a global network of United States Military Academy graduates and supporters from all backgrounds that engages, mobilizes, and empowers Black/African-American graduates and cadets on November 18, 2016. dmT endeavors to serve the community, our country, and all USMA graduates.

Ron graduated from West Point in 1987 and will be talking with the cadets and graduates about how the military impacted him as an entrepreneur.  A favorite topic, Ron has a terrific story. “As an 8th generation military veteran whose family legacy of service to the nation dates back to the Revolutionary War; my own military experience and education from the United States Military Academy at West Point has compelled me to lead and inspire a sustained legacy of innovation and equity in healthcare for the nation’s veteran and military communities.”


Steptoe has nearly 30 years of management, operational and marketing experience in the health care advocacy and marketing/public relations industries. He has extensive experience in bringing new medical therapies to market and managing their growth in a diverse array of government and private health care systems. He has received professional credentialing as a Certified Medical Representative (CMR).

Ronald created and managed industry leading multicultural and emerging markets business models for Pfizer’s Multi-Cultural Business Team. His area of focus and market-specific expertise is in population health and health care. He directed the multicultural marketing and advocacy initiatives for Pfizer’s 13,000 sales managers and representatives in the United States.

A service-disabled veteran, Ronald started Warrior Centric Health, LLC, to bring health care advocacy, curriculum development and training to the federal and commercial marketplaces. He leverages his extensive private-sector business experience in providing management and technical solutions to the government and private sectors with his firm.

As CEO of Warrior Centric Health, Ronald has established innovative partnerships with leading national medical organizations to provide “medically-accredited military culture, cultural competency and patient-provider communication” educational training programs for health and service support providers and systems.

Ronald’s activities and honors include:

  • Serving on the Board of Directors of USA Cares, Inc. (a veterans service organization).
  • Commission into the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels for his national work serving the military and veteran communities, awarded by the governor of Kentucky in 2013.
  • Appointment as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health in Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 2014.
  • Named a Board Certified Diplomate by the American Board of Disability Analyst.

Warrior Centric Health, LLC—named by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Veteran-Founded Start-ups in America—is the first accredited eLearning program to address the socio-cultural determinants of health in veterans and their families. Its design equips commercial and non-profit hospitals, medical personnel and staff with the skills necessary for the standard and consistent application of culturally competent methodologies when treating veterans and their families. WCH provides quality education, data science, credentialing, community outreach and market relationship support to improve long-term health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

For more information about Warrior Centric Healthcare Training: Warrior Centric Health, LLC and Warrior Centric Healthcare Training (WCHT). 

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