An Easily Adopted Solution
to the Veteran Health Crisis

The Warrior Centric Solution Suite enables healthcare facilities and providers to deliver optimal care to the individuals in their Warrior Communities, people who are suffering the effects of military service, but who are now overlooked and underserved. It is the only comprehensive solution available to help hospitals meet the Veteran Health Crisis.

Warrior Centric Population Health™

Perfected over a decade of research and development, Warrior Centric Population Health™ is a digital platform that integrates three sophisticated solutions that involve the full scope of a facility’s resources to:

Warrior Centric Solution Suite | Warrior Centric Health Identify and assess their Warrior Community. (WarriorMark™ Analytics & Insights)
Warrior Centric Solution Suite | Warrior Centric Health Deliver optimal treatment to the Warrior Community. (Warrior Centric Health® Education & Training)
Warrior Centric Solution Suite | Warrior Centric Health Encourage participation in the facility’s Warrior Centric program and fulfill Community Benefit requirements. (WarriorComm™ Outreach Tools)

Implementation is
Part of the Solution

Warrior Centric provides each facility the tools to manage implementation, most of which are available online 24/7. The WarriorMark™ Analytics & Insights solution enables benchmarking, periodic assessment, and continual calibration of each facility’s Warrior Centric program. 

Successful Adoption
Earns Authorization

A facility that successfully adopts the WCH Solution Suite achieves recognition as an Authorized Warrior Centric Health Facility, fully prepared to deliver optimal care to the Warrior Community.

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