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Meg Charles

Advisory Board Member

After ten years of living and working abroad, Meg recently returned to New York City to launch Frame Advisory, LLC, a strategy consultancy that helps clients “break out of boxes” and craft unique success stories using her FRAME System™. Using a heart-centered approach, Meg synthesizes her global management knowledge and leadership and Angel investing experience with proven coaching and strategic planning tools to help clients prioritize goals, map actionable steps and execute strategies to achieve success.  

Meg’s corporate career began at a Washington, DC-based law firm where she worked with telecommunications and tech start-ups just as technology innovations and new laws and regulations made competition possible. Representing start-ups in a growing sector presented a unique opportunity to help clients devise business strategies beyond the traditional lawyer role. Her intuitive approach and skill at providing sound business-oriented solutions garnered Meg numerous client referrals, which led to her election to Equity Partner just seven years out of law school.

Meg’s “Ah-Ha” Moment

The promotion to Equity Partner was a major achievement and yet, something was missing. Namely, the energy and flow experienced when working directly with entrepreneurs to help build their businesses. Meg recognized that the true driver for her success was the power to directly impact the growth trajectory of her clients. When a start-up client offered her a roleas Head of Global Strategy and General Counsel, Meg decided to leave law firm partnership and get back to the flow. She joined theexecutive team as the 10th employee and helped to grow the company toover 200 employees globally, before it was acquired three years later.This opportunity led to a progression of global executive leadership roles including: Deputy General Counsel of a publicly-traded division of Orange; General Counsel of the GSM Association in London; and Head of Strategic Partnerships for the Bharti Foundation in India. In 2011, while living in Stockholm, Meg chose to leverage her years of experience to help build disruptive tech and telecom start-ups as an Angel Investor, Start-up Advisor, and Board Member.

“Breaking Out of Boxes”

Throughout her career, Meg has relied on her “lived” experiences to “break out of boxes”that could have potentially limited her success. Her “secret sauce” is her incisive focus and ability to forge alliances and skillfully move beyond the constraints of whatever “box”one might ascribe to her race, gender, nationality, or professional role as a lawyer, global corporate executive, or angel investor working across cultures usually dominated by men. She is expert at converting doubters into believers by finding the right combination of tools to communicate effectively –whether problem-solving for clients, managingC-suite power dynamics, or successfully mastering the challenges of her own career transitions. Meg is passionate about the power to positively impact growth by sharing her knowledge, insights, skills and experience.

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