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Mike Klein

Chairman of the Board

Partner, Global Media Accelerator LTD
A Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Film, TV, Entertainment Tech, Games and Digital Media, integrating a high growth Acceleration Platform and Immersive Entrepreneurship Education.

Advisor / MentorWarrior Centric Health
A comprehensive online learning and industry certification company helping upskill the private sector medical community to provide expert care to the Veterans community. Addressing the vast knowledge gap in providing specialist care after a decade of war and recognizing that the majority of Veterans access healthcare from the Private sector (over 70%). http://warriorcentrichealth.com/

Executive DirectorVeterans for National Security Foundation
The Veterans for National Security Foundation is a bi-partisan 501(c)4 whose primary mission is to increase the number of Veterans in Congress. Organization website is www.thevnsf.org

Founder / London City IncubatorCity University London
Launched and managed a University based accelerator program focusing on clean-tech, medical device and digital media deal flow. Focusing on pre revenue, early stage, high growth start-ups that can benefit from focused commercial feasibility, business planning and fund raising support. Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization.

Campaign ManagerSonia Klein for Parliament, United Kingdom

Campaign ManagerKucinich for President 2008
Campaign Manager for Congressman Dennis Kucinich in his run for the President of the United States. Responsible for campaign political strategy, fund raising, technology plan, communications / media strategy, recruiting staff / volunteers / endorsements, and surrogate speaking.
MBA Programs DirectorImperial College London
Director of Full Time and Executive MBA Programs. Launched innovative Technology Venture Program providing practical technology commercialization experience for all MBA students. Assisted in design and launch of weekend EMBA.
PartnerKlein Venture Group
UK / US based virtual consulting company specializing in Project Management, Business Development, New Market Entry Strategy, International Trade Development, Offshore Sourcing, Private Equity / Capital Formation, Tech Start-up, Business Plan and Private Placement Memorandum Preparation. We specialized in SME tech start-ups, independent film and media projects, and knowledge economy economic development consulting. Developed an innovative location based entertainment D-Cinema model.
IMDB Film Bio at www.imdb.com/name/nm1170788/
Founder / DirectorECI Find New Markets
Initially called the SC Export Consortium, ECI Find New Market is a public, private and academic partnership linking together all the resources available in the State of South Carolina to assist SME firms in competing in international markets. The company specializes in market entry studies, feasibility studies, agent and distributor searches, international licensing, joint venture consulting, and public policy advocacy. Adjunct Professor in Export Marketing.
Platoon Leader / Company Executive OfficerUS Army
Infantry Platoon Leader and Company Executive Officer responsible for training and leading men to fight and win on the battlefield. Stationed in Schofield Barracks, HI with the 25th Infantry Division (4/27 Wolfhounds). Platoon Leader in Operation Desert Storm.

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