Warrior-Centric Healthcare Training (WCHT)®

Over a decade in development, Warrior Centric Health’s Education & Training program has been designed from the bottom up to enable a healthcare facility’s providers and staff to deliver optimal care to the facility’s entire Warrior Community population.

Warrior Centric Population Health™

The foundation of this program is the standard of care developed by the Warrior Centric Team, in partnership with governmental, medical, and research university partners. Called YOU MUST KNOW ME TO TREAT ME®, this standard of care pays particular regard to the cultural and clinical dimensions of Warrior care, which are fundamental to optimizing outcomes.


For organizations in the business of healthcare, the YOU MUST KNOW ME TO TREAT ME® standard of care represents an advisory or consultancy service that aids analysis, management, and marketing in pursuit of effective population health management. To contact us about YOU MUST KNOW ME TO TREAT ME® services, click here.

Warrior-Centric Healthcare Training (WCHT)® is Comprehensive

Warrior Centric’s team of healthcare professionals—Veterans themselves—developed each CME/CE accredited course topic around the challenges healthcare professionals encounter when treating the Warrior Community. All courses contain practical, actionable information. Participants learn to communicate, connect, and provide culturally competent health care to Warrior Community patients.

Curriculum Design Employs
Moore’s 7-Level Outcome Model

Professionals complete a curriculum of courses developed to fit their professional profile. There are curricula for:

Education & Training | Warrior Centric Health Providers
Education & Training | Warrior Centric Health Support Staff
Education & Training | Warrior Centric Health Hospital Executives

Course Delivery is quick and inviting.

Because valuable time and energy are required to complete the curriculum, courses are professionally produced, easy to follow, and delivered online, available 24/7.

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