Ellicott City, MD, October 23, 2018 – Last weekend, Premier Health Express Urgent Care Clinic (PHEC) in Columbia, Maryland, hosted a free “lab check-up” for Veterans and their families. By collaborating with Warrior Centric Health and adopting Warrior Centric Health’s Solution Suite, all providers and staff are Warrior Centric Health trained and credentialed to ensure “white-glove healthcare services” for our Veterans and their families on a walk in, referral, or telemedicine basis.  The Premier Health Express Clinic is an Authorized Warrior Centric Health Clinic™ and is the first clinic in the nation to receive this distinction.

In partnership with the Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation, the main treatment area was constructed, dedicated and made veteran centric to honor Veterans and their families.

Airman First Class (A1C) Martinez, currently serving in the Air National Guard as an Aerospace Medical Technician attended the free “lab check-up”. When Mr. Martinez met Nate, Warrior Centric Health’s Data Scientist and a veteran (USN Retired) volunteer at the clinic’s event, he said, “I know people who would travel 60 minutes for the kind of care PHEC is offering. Often times when I have used Urgent Care, the staff is “ho – hum” and treat me like a number not a person. Not here.”

Mr. Martinez agreed to speak more with us about his experience.

Q: What was your first impression of the newly established Premier Health Express Urgent Care Clinic (PHEC)?

When I first arrived at the facility I was overwhelmed. The flags of each of the armed service (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard) and the American Flag were present. Just seeing the flags as I entered was a reminder of lives lost for freedoms gained. Also, each of the military seals were prominently displayed on the wall of the flags. You don’t see this in other medical facilities I have been in.

Q: How else was it different?

As a Puerto Rican American who grew up in the Bronx, the focus on veterans and community diversity was very noticeable. I’m proud to be a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and glad to be one of our nation’s guardians and the staff at PHEC understood that. People from all backgrounds were in the lobby either ready to serve me or were people coming to the health fair to learn about the clinic’s services. I felt that I was home, where the people who work here get me.

After visiting the Health Fair I am convinced these people know what they are doing and is something all veterans in the area can support.

Q: Why would Veterans be comfortable receiving care at PHEC?

The mission and vision of this clinic and its Founder, Dr. Nokuri, makes total sense to me. This is literally a one-stop shop: labs, x-ray, dental, various sports and occupational physicals, urgent and primary care, and the times of availability are convenient Monday through Saturday 10 am – 10 pm.  I know so many people, veterans and their families, who can benefit from this one stop medical services concept. As I looked around and spoke to the staff I was impressed how well they greeted me and shared what they were trying to accomplish on behalf of not only veterans but the under-served in the community.

Q: What would you tell Veterans and their families about PHEC?

Overall good health is a state of complete physical and emotional health. The empathy, compassion, and perseverance in achieving the optimal results in health care were obvious at the clinic. They know their veteran market place. It was reassuring as a service member to come to a clinic where in the first few minutes I was made comfortable and most of all appreciated for my service and respect for my heritage.

I was pleased to also learn that the non-veteran staff are trained to understand and be sensitive to the needs of veterans and how our service can affect our health.

Q: Would you recommend PHEC to your friends and family?

As patients we make a million decisions about our health care, but this one decision is easy about your healthy future. I will be recommending coming Premier Health Express Clinic to others and have already started doing so to those who are in need of different solution to achieving their healthcare goals.

Thank you, Airman First Class Martinez.  We, and our nation, are honored by your service. 

NOTE: A Veteran Health Fair, will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at PHEC.

The health fair will provide an opportunity for Veterans and their families to discuss their lab results with physicians as well as consult with specialists as appropriate.

Veterans and their families can also avail themselves to additional health services such as free health screenings, flu shots, health education and clinic appointments. 

About Premier Health Express Clinic


Located in Columbia Maryland, the Premier Health Express Clinic provides high quality, affordable, and convenient care to all of its patients. Premier Health Express will focus on the treatment of acute injury and illness in addition to chronic illness on a six day per week basis. In addition, the clinic will offer mental and behavioral health screening and counseling. All providers and staff will be Warrior Centric Health credentialed to ensure “white-glove healthcare services” for our United States Veterans on a walk in, referral, or telemedicine basis.

In addition, PHEC is proud to offer the Emerald Five Star Veteran Service Plan to honor and support our Veterans. This plan offers Veterans complete care at a 50% discounted rate. This includes telehealth services to enhance access for our Veterans especially those facing transportation, physical or other challenges to obtaining healthcare.

About Warrior Centric Health


Warrior Centric Health is the nation’s first commercial health equity solutions provider. WCH enables healthcare providers and institutions to provide better care for vulnerable populations —such as veterans and their families—who share unique health and wellness issues.

The Warrior Centric Solution Suite gives healthcare systems, hospitals and clinics a complete set of tools to locate, attract and treat veterans and their families—as much as 25% of the population in the hospitals’ communities. The elements are:

  • Warrior Centric Health® Education & Training – provides healthcare providers essential clinical skills and military cultural knowledge needed to deliver optimal care to service members, veterans and their families. The CME/CE accredited courses and professional credentials are delivered on-demand, making them easily accessible to WCH clients.
  • WarriorMark™ Analytics & Insights – enables healthcare facilities to locate their veteran community and understand their needs—the demographics, as well as social determinants of health, prevalence of particular wounds, injuries and conditions, and more.
  • WarriorComm™ Patient Acquisition Tools – helps healthcare facilities find and develop relationships with the veteran community in a variety of ways.

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