Now: A Solution for the Veteran Healthcare Crisis Tailored for Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).

ELLICOTT CITY, Md., Dec. 5, 2019 — Warrior Centric Health, LLC (WCH)® recently unveiled the first comprehensive solution that not only enables individual healthcare facilities to address the Veteran Healthcare Crisis, but also empowers entire hospital networks—especially Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)—to optimize care for this large, overlooked population.

IDNs Begin to Prioritize Veteran Health
IDNs—tasked with improving outcomes while reducing cost—have begun focusing on population-based health solutions, many concluding that the Warrior Community (Veterans, reservists, active duty service members, and their families) offers a unique opportunity to achieve both goals. No wonder the nation’s fifth largest IDN has begun rolling out a Military and Veterans Health Program across their 22-state system, with WCH’s help.

IDNs and Veteran Healthcare: Imperative and Opportunity
Every year, the vast majority of the Warrior Community—about 75 million Americans— receive all their healthcare in commercial facilities. They bring often debilitating chronic conditions and comorbidities that can baffle healthcare providers, most of whom are unaware they may be treating Warrior Community members. The impact on hospitals? High readmission rates. It’s DOUBLY costly for IDNs, which manage both the quality of care AND its cost.

However, the situation presents IDNs an opportunity they are uniquely capable of seizing. Finding this population, analyzing demographic and prevalence data, establishing care plans, and engaging and supporting patients and providers—the very capabilities IDNs are designed to provide—are also the ones necessary to meet the challenge. Yet IDNs have struggled to build effective Veteran health programs on their own.

According to Ron Steptoe, Co-Founder/CEO of Warrior Centric Health: “We had IDNs in mind as we developed Warrior Centric. They offer the most efficient systems to optimize healthcare for this population AND are likely to derive the greatest financial benefits.”

Warrior Centric Solution Suite®: The Solution for IDNs
The new WCH Solution Suite offers IDNs a way to apply existing resources to build a comprehensive Warrior Community health program facility-by-facility, across the network, integrating:

Each IDN facility implements the completely scalable solution out of the box, fitting the IDN business model perfectly.

Vizient Makes It Even More Accessible
IDNs that are Vizient members, now have the added advantage of WCH’s recently awarded supplier contract. Vizient is the nation’s largest member-driven health care performance improvement company.

About Warrior Centric Health, LLC
Warrior Centric Health (WCH)® provides hospitals cost effective solutions to improve health outcomes to the Warrior Community. The WCH solution is the only fully realized Veteran Population-Based Healthcare Solution available to commercial facilities. WCH is a Supplier Diversity – Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprise™ – company. 

For information about Warrior Centric Health, contact Ron Steptoe, CEO, at (833) 924-4376.

For media inquiries, contact Kate Van Name, COO, at (833) 924-4376.

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