Ellicott City, June 4, 2018 – On June 1st, Trinity Health celebrated the official launch of a cultural competency and health care program focused on the unique needs of military veterans, active members of the military, and their families.

Program Launch Press Release on Holy Cross Health’s News Site

As Trinity’s veteran health education and training partner, Warrior Centric Health’s VP, Joseph Simonelli, attended the celebration to support and congratulate the Trinity Health team for their commitment to Military and Veteran Health.

“When hospitals, health systems, and clinics are committed to educating themselves about the specifics of Veteran Health, they significantly increase the probability of a Veteran being diagnosed correctly,” said Ron Steptoe, CEO of Warrior Centric Health. “This leads to lower readmission rates, lower costs, better clinical outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction ratings. This is good for the hospital, the patient, their family, and this nation.”

From the Holy Cross Health Press Release:

“Our goal is to provide military service members, veterans and their families with convenient access to high-quality, culturally sensitive, people-centered health care services that meet their specific needs,” said Greg Jolissaint, MD, Vice President, Military and Veterans Health Program. “To do this, we started closing the gaps some of our health care providers may have had when it comes to their familiarity with – and understanding of – military culture.”

As demonstrated in the launch of the Trinity Health’s Military and Veterans Health ProgramWarrior Centric Health is committed to providing commercial healthcare providers and staff training in military and veterans health. Our training educates healthcare professionals and trains them to know about and respond to the health concerns and challenges specific to the military and veteran community.

The core training Warrior Centric Health provides Trinity Health’s program includes:

  • An understanding of military culture, including the nuances of various military service branches
  • Key illnesses and injuries associated with military service and military deployments
  • The effects of military service and deployments on family members
  • How to provide competent and compassionate care to current and former service members

Warrior Centric Healthalso provides clinical specialty training as well as allied health, patient care and satisfaction, and clinical support role training. Additionally, WCH provides data science and community outreach strategies and tactics.

WCH is proud to partner with Trinity Health in servicing and supporting their innovative and groundbreaking Military and Veterans Health Program.  The Trinity Health locations perfecting the program before the system-wide rollout include:

Holy Cross Health

Mary Medical Center, Langhorne, Pennsylvania (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)

Mercy Health System, South Eastern Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania)


In the struggle for better outcomes for veterans and their families, Warrior Centric Health makes hospitals heroes. Warrior Centric Health (WCH)® is the first health equity solutions provider, giving private healthcare facilities the tools to deliver optimal care to service members, veterans and their families.

This diverse, overlooked and at-risk group represents 25% of the population. Delivering care that yields significant improvement in health outcomes to these people not only fulfills a national obligation, it elevates the overall health and health outcomes for the entire American population.

By adopting WCH solutions, beginning with the Warrior Centric Solution Suite™ for Veterans, healthcare facilities can deliver better outcomes to more individuals and attract more patients, while fulfilling their own commitments to diverse communities. This is what health equity is all about.

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